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Monday, November 09, 2009

Closing Out Adirondack

It's about 31 degrees this morning, but the weather report says that Boston will get up to 70.  When the day heats up, I'm going to sneak in a last spray coat of marine varnish onto Katelyn's Adirondack Chair.  That will leave it with one coat of epoxy resin and four coats of varnish.
That should be enough to protect the chair from the outside elements for a few years.
After the varnish has dried solid, I'll sand it down with 220 grit paper with my random orbit sander to get the surfaces completely smooth to the touch.   A little furniture polish will restore the shine and the chair will be ready for delivery to Kate's condo.  I'm surprised at how comfortable the chair is to sit in.  The seat and backcontours seem right and it's extremely solid feeling.
Should give Kate many enjoyable hours of reading, contemplating and entertaining on her South Boston deck.
Course I have other things to do this week as well.  But it will be nice to closeout this Adirondack project.  I know that Lisa Panakio Rowe will miss me talking about it.

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