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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bash Momentum

Superpeep Brian Butler has put his order in for Chicken Wings and Fried Dough at the Thanksgiving Eve Bash.
I was not planning to rev up the WhiteTrash Balls, but for Brian, I'll be happy to whip up a batch.
The momentum for the annual event is building as usual.   Mountain of a Man Bobby Brown will be here, which should cause a bit of a frenzy, and even Piscatelli has threatened to show.  Stevie Lewis is bringing his award winning Pulled Pork.
Naturally, no invitations have been issued.  But if you don't come, you are lame and subject to ridicule.
All the usual suspects have indicated that they will attend, which will make for the usual out of control, loud and obnoxious good time.
I can't wait.

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