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Friday, October 09, 2009

Worthy Prize

Normally I'd be thrilled to see an American President win the Nobel Peace Prize.
But this is perplexing.   11 days after winning the Presidency, Obama is nominated.  Obviously he couldn't have done anything by this time, and shouldn't be expected to.
This "Cult of Personality" that seems to surround this guy is quite a bit unsettling.  It leads people to follow what they think should be, and not what is.
Obama obviously has made an impact on the five Norwegians that award the peace prize,  But then again, they are the same characters that awarded the honor to Al Gore for his pitiful environmental "documentary", which was clearly political pap.   So the five Norwegians are moonbats.   Who knew?
In Obama's defense, he is as startled as everybody else,and has said that he is humbled and undeserving.  It's not his fault that the Norwegian Moonbats run fast and loose with their Peace Prize.
Maybe Obama will eventually be worthy of his Prize.....  I hope so.

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