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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sap for Senator

There was not much chance that I was going to vote for Democrat Steve Pagliuca for US Senate to fill the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy.
But now there is no chance in Hell.
Naturally, he calls himself a "Progressive".  Whatever.....
But what clinched my distaste for him was when he declares that he was against "Bush's War in Iraq" in his sappy campaign ads.

Steve - you tout yourself as a smart business man, but obviously you can't count too well.   Congress voted for the war.   Lots of people.  Even Leftys like Hillary Clinton.   The war is an AMERICAN war.  Supported and fought by AMERICANS.  It wasn't the Republican Army who sent the dictator Hussein to huddle in a dirt hole until he was captured and executed for his atrocities to human beings.   It was the AMERICAN armed forces.
I hate the way that Democrats treat us like idiots.
Looks like you have money to burn in your quest to bring your "Progressive" Values to the Senate, Steve.  But you can't buy my vote.

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