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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

President "I"

"I like Gerneral McCrystal, but at the end of the day, I am the Commander in Chief."

- President Barack Obama

Inspirational words from a Harvard guy who gives his major experience as being a community activist for ACORN in Chicago.
This guy is really starting to weird me out.
Yes, we elected the President, but we also put big money into training the leadership of our armed forces.
If you don't trust the General, by all means, fire him.   That is your role as Commander in Chief.   But until you do, he should be making military decisions..... not President First Person Singular.
Trust your Peeps, Prez.... It's not all about you.
The Krauts lost the Big One because they couldn't do anything without the OK from their Fearless Leader.... the leadership paralysis in the field was ultimately their downfall.  Their American opponents were empowered down to a man.... an Army of One.  This leadership leverage carried the day.  Probably didn't study that stuff at Harvard.  I learned it in an ROTC  class at UMASS where my highest rank obtained was Corporal. 
You get the feeling that President "I" is way over his head.

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