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Saturday, October 31, 2009

POTW Week 44

I realize that I've been guilty of some Blog neglect lately.  Maintaining this Blog doesn't really take a lot of time, but it does take a little attention.
And my attention has been elsewhere.
So Deal With It.
Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 44th week of 2009.
Kelsey O'Shea
Eric Johnson
Bill McCarthy
Thomas Menino
Mike McQueen
Janet Davis

The Blog is not the only thing that has been neglected.  I have to steam and power wash the lobster traps, and store them for the winter, and Katelyn's Adirondack Chair still doesn't have a coat of varnish on it.  Plus the Nanepashemet warehouse sign needs to be carved.  It's Halloween tonight and we have to terrorize the Trick or Treaters, and then we have to head over to the Crawford "C" Party.
Can't imagine getting all this done this weekend because we also have to get some Fresh Ayer in tomorrow.

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