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Monday, October 19, 2009

No More War

The War in Afganistan is Bullshit. Trying to bring democracy to people who prefer to live in the Middle Ages. 


No more American kids should die. We have already proven to Al Queda that we can kick their ass, so let's declare victory and leave.

There is no economic reason to continue to be there, no political reason, and no threat to America.   We  can't force these people to like us, or want to adopt our way of life.  I was happy to see our involvement in eliminating the maniac Saddam Hussein. And we have sent Bin Laden to live hidden in holes.   This was the noble and suitable thing to do for the time.  But we have made our point.  

We can't stop future Husseins or Bin Ladens from emerging.  But now they know what will happen to them if they take a run at us.   Let's get our troops back here and out of harm's way.


We can't solve the problems, so let's manage them with vigilance and readiness.   But let the Iraqi's and Afgan's have their camel paths back.


Kerry Russell D'Orio said....

My vote is that we adapt isolationism as our foreign policy. No one ever appreciates the sacrifices that this country makes on their behalf. Screw them all and let them pound down our door when everything goes to hell in a hand basket!

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