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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mission Accomplished.

So this morning, I powerwashed off the weird gelatinous organisms that had thickly accumulated on the lobster  traps.  They were starting to really putrify and stink, plus Joanne was starting to give me dirty looks.  The Powerwasher worked pretty well and the traps are ready for next year.   They don't smell nearly as bad either.
Then I finished lettering the Nanepashemet warehouse sign, routed the main channels, then got out the chisels and started carving the letters into the mahogany blank that I glued up two weeks ago. Sometimes when I carve signs, I get on a roll and this was one of those times.  3/4 of the carving is done and there's a good chance that I can finish it tomorrow.
You would think that I accomplished enough today, and you would be wrong.
Because I finished gluing the screw caps on Kate's Adirondack chair, completed the final sanding and applied the first coat of West System Special Coating Epoxy Resin.   This treatment will be absorbed into the wood and will bond well with the marine varnish coats that I intend to spray in the next few days.
I guess it's time to proclaim once again what a Mountain of a Man I am.  But I won't because I'm feeling a bit modest and humble despite the enormity of the day's accomplishments.
However....  I will reward myself with a couple or three classic autumn cocktails - Seagrams, Cranberry and Lime.  Then maybe terrrorize a Halloween Trick or Treater... or two.

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