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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Mike Murphy and Dave Bruett took in some Fresh Ayer yesterday.   A nice gesture from some good friends.
After taking care of some obligations this morning, I'd like to take one more ride in the WhaleEye to see if I can find the traps that were missing around Marblehead Rock.  I'd hate to think that they were lifted like Billy Oliver said they would.  He said that the professional lobstermen would see the quality of my traps if they pulled them by "accident". and would take them.
But losing three of eight traps is probablyacceptable given the level of neglect that I showed in pulling them this season.  Fresh Ayer and Nanepashemet Telecom demands caused the lack of lobstering diligence, but a Mountain of a Man makes no excuses.
Ryan Marine will be hauling the WhaleEye out next week.  We'll get em next year.

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