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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Periodic Tax Rant

Got my 3rd quarter estimated tax payments in on time yesterday.  The Federal government is my biggest creditor by far.  And I don't even get the chance to purchase the services that it provides.  The government spends what it wants, even if it doesn't have the money, and then charges us.  If we refuse to pay, they seize our assets, and we go to prison.
Am I missing something?
If I am getting this wrong.... let me know.
I always get a kick out of our Founding Fathers, who were repulsed by a tea tax, threw it into Boston Harbor and revolted against tyranny.  Those guys never got a load of the income tax that we pathetically wimp under and pay.   They would be extremist crazies if they lived today.
Definitely the Home of the Brave.   NOT the Land of the Free.

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