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Monday, September 07, 2009

Great Father in Washington

President Obama has a back to school speech for students tomorrow.
You are not our Father.  You are the freaking President.  Do your job.  Get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.... Pull us out of the recession.  That's what you are supposed to do.
We can talk to our kids all by ourselves.  That's our job.
Don't be telling us how to wash our hands and bullshit like that.  Give the people who voted for you more credit than that.  It's the typical liberal... "leave it all up to government.... the government knows what is best."
This whole "it takes a village" concept negates the central tenet that God gave us all the ability to take responsibility for ourselves... and create our own reality.   We don't need the Leftys to tell us that we should wash our hands to avoid flu germs, or that we should study hard and stay in school.
If you do, then you deserve to be lectured by Obama.

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