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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tsunami Precaution

The Tsunami in Samoa is unsettling to say the least.   With the body count cresting over 100 victims, it had to be a horrific situation.  So far, the tsunami's have occurred in far away places - the Indian and South Pacific Oceans.  But an earthquake off of the Eastern Seaboard is just as likely.
I've actually seen what happens when the ocean washes into a home over on Marblehead Neck during one of the October storms that have hit the New England Area in the last twenty years.  In that case, about $100K worth of antiques were ruined.  But that was just a storm surge... A tsunami is a whole other wave, with its own energy.

I suppose that it is only a matter of time when any coastal area gets hit.  Maybe I'll keep the Herreshoff Columbia Tender loose on the trailer in the driveway for now on.  Just in case.

Maria Rowen said...
It seems in the aftermath of a tsunami, scientists flood us with tidal waves of predictions. And though ‘they’ are unable to forecast a specific date, an article “Atlantic Tsunamis” written in 2005 ( outlines what we can expect when the big one hits. The Atlantic Ridge, will be devastated. The good news is there will be many events leading to the main event so we have a good chance of enough advance notice to be ready. I prefer to see the glass half full and all that good stuff. I know absolutely nothing about boats or ships or sloops but I would opt for the driveway.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~
Maria -
If you can tell us when the Tsunami is going to hit, we'll save you a seat in the Tender.
- J.
Tuna Lips said...

I had me a tsunami of sorts in the rest room of the Route 55 Big Boy burger joint. Had a bad crawdad po' boy and nearly blew out the bottom of my colonoscopy. They had to post warning signs, some of the yellow murder scene tape was afixed to the scene of the great storm. The locals that knows of it call to mind the Chickesaw River floodin' of '55.

Sinister Golf Plot

Just as I was starting to get into a good work groove this week, I get an invitation to play in a member guest golf tournament at the Oakley Country Club this Friday.from my Archrival, Joe Collins.  It definitely threw my thought processes off track.
Collins knows how much I suck at golf, so I have no choice but to believe that this is a sinister plot designed to throw some indignity my way.   I'm sure that he thought that I would decline, so I called his bluff and accepted his insidious invitation.
So we will be scarring the fairway turf and looking for out of bounds balls this Friday afternoon over in Watertown.  Being a Mountain of a Man means having the fortitude to fight through the plots and traps that your Archrivals plant before you.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Murph Birth

In all of the confusion, depression, and egotisical self-absorption, I neglected to inform you that former Peep of the Year, Michael Murphy and his beautiful wife, Beth, brought two new Peeps into the world.

Steven Michael & Justin Thomas Murphy

Born: Sep 17, 2009
At 5:27 PM & 5:37 PM

5 lbs 8 oz & 5 lbs 1 oz

18.5 inches & 18 inches

Delivered by: Dr. Elizabeth Konig

Way to go Beth!  Congratulations.  Can't wait to meet them and tell them stories of their illustrious POTY Dad.

Tuna Lips said...
Now I knows why lions eat they young. Them poor chilluns have not a chance, right out the gate.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Orders Uptake

The 4th Quarter starts this week.   In the corporate Telecom world, that is when the orders start to pile up because carriers want to get their capital budgets allocated, and managers rev up their numbers so that they receive their incentive bonuses.
Nanepashemet Telecom will be ready for the uptake, and we intend to open our West Coast office in the midst of it all.  Being a Mountain of a Man means that you can't be intimidated by a little extra work.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Unconditional Relationship

Joanne and I took a nice drive to FMC Devens this morning.  Mike was right.  It seemed like a low end prep school, very clean and green with nice athletic facilities - only with no curriculum and a dorm full of men of all ages wearing the same clothes.
Seems to be tolerable with the lack of freedom and constant supervision being the primary factors used for punishment.  If you step out of line, they put you into a "hole" in solitary confinement with terrible food for an indeterminate amount of time.  Our boy spent four days in this environment, under the auspices of seeing the results of a TB test.   But it is really a taste of how hard a time this could be.... and a terrific deterrent.   The threat of this guarantees an overall culture of good behavior.
So we'll make this trip for as many times as it takes.... because that is what we do.

Friday, September 25, 2009

POTW - Week 39

So my prayer for a Bluefish Blitz wasn't heeded.
But our customer was relaxed with the boat ride and our fishing effort. and really seemed to like dinner at the Boston Yacht Club.
The Dockmaster at the BYC graciously let me tie up at the Dock for dinner.   But after a number of the fine Dark and Stormies that the Club serves, I felt it best to leave the WhaleEye tied up for the night and retrieve it in the morning.... which I did at 7:00AM this morning.... despite a sharp wind from the Northeast and cool temperatures.
Still no blitzes in sight, even close to dawn.
Announcing.... Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 39th Week of 2009

Brian Stanton
Gail Johnson
Joanne Nestor
Rick Breed
Matt DelGaudio
Will Crawford

As yet, I haven't landed a Bluefish this season.   That's not acceptable.

Pisc said...
Dude, what is wrong with you? No bluefish? Boat fisherman, like all fisherman, need to know where the fish are. Then you have to catch them. And bluefish are like sailors in the combat zone, they whack anything. So I figure you are fishing where the fish are not. I think you need some Christ on the Sea of Galilee kind of magic. Get with God, el Jefe.

Democrats in Power

Thank heavens that the emergency is over, and we have two US Senators representing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
When you are mired in bureaucracy, waitng to get basic health care services, remember the courageous acts of Gov. DP, who came to our rescue in these desperate times.  Just keep forcefeeding that Bullshit.
Do you get the feeling that the Democrats just treat us like a herd of Wilderbeest??? Meandering toward a river filled with Crocodiles???
I don't know about you, but I am really getting nervous about Obama's international affairs judgements.  He reminds me of Jimmy Carter who was spit upon by crazy assed, Iranian Mullahs.    Some wacky group will be taking a run at us soon.
Deja Vu all over again.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blitz Prayer

I'm taking out some major customers for some fishing in Marblehead Sound tomorow.  If there is a God in Heaven, He will put me into a Bluefish Blitz.  
That would insure some major business.

Get Ready

Magic happens when you least expect it.
Are you ready????

Harvey Rowe said...

Magic or Miracles.........

Harv -
Full blown miracles would be good.... I was just hoping for a little magic.
- J

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Agendas

Kate and SuperPeep, Emily Engardia are on vacation for the next 10 days in the Dominican Republic.   Not sure what the attraction is to go to a poverty stricken island, but it is their vacation, not mine.  For my money, I'm going to Rome as soon as circumstances permit, but that's not clear in the least bit.
I'll have to head out to the Pacific Northwest soon, but that is for Nanepashemet Telecom and will be pure work.
In the meantime, while the weather holds, there are projects to complete right here in Marblehead... like Kate's Adirondack chair which is nearing completion, and the Gunning Dory.  Plus I have to fit some end of the year fishing in.

Tuna Lips said...
Does ye have an address on their localized domicile? In keepin' with my spirit of servin folks, I'd like to send over some hombres to watch over they's possessions while on that mission of mercee to that God-forsaken rock.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Traumatic By-Product

The weird by-product of times like these is that you find out who really matters to you and your family.  Your friends come to the surface and the pretenders fall by the wayside.  Very valuable insight.   Too bad something traumatic has to happen for this revelation to surface.
I think that true wealth is defined by the quality of your friends and relationships.... and we are so fortunate to be extremely wealthy.
This will pass.  We will all emerge from the backside a little older, a bit better and a lot wiser.
It's easy to take a hit with friends like you.

Tuna Lips said...

I take this time to recall my pappy's wisdom, said it come from the ancients: thems that don't run you into the bog and smash yer still make yea stronger. In fittin' with yer thinkin' on by-products.

Voices in me noggin', gots to run . . .

Sunday, September 20, 2009


A nice get together last night as Ryan's friends came by to give him a little sendoff.  Tyler Gill brought over his Bags which ultimately resulted in a minor vehicle collision involving Brendt DiOrio and Gail Johnson's cars. 
Money changed hands over the Bags competition, and songs were sung as appropriate.
No other incidents were reported, and neighbors refrained from calling the police to the best of my knowledge.
We'll look forward to a grander repeat when Ryan's hiatus is complete.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

POTW Week 37

It's been such an emotionally taxing summer.  This weekend will be no different.  One of these days, it will be time to kick back and put it into neutral.... but not for the forseeable future.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 37th week of 2009.

Jimmy Carter
Maria Rowin
Lauren Rathbone
Parker Sides
Jill Phillips
Chip Clancy

In the meantime, we can pretend to be calm and to cope.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shameful Politicians

When the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry (ugh!), was running for President against George Bush, and his election seemed on track, the Massachusetts Democrats successfully changed the law so that Republican Governor Mitt Romney could not select a Senate successor to Kerry.  (Kerry ultimately didn't win, and our livelyhoods were temporarily spared.)
Back then as now, the Dems had the vote in the Mass Legislature and pulled off this blatantly political move.
But....They never figured on Kennedy taking the pipe like he did.
So now the Democrats, with the endorsement of the Obama administration is advocating a return to the old law so that our Democratic Governor, Deval Patrick, can make the selection.
Does this sound hypocritical to you?   They probably have the votes and will shamelessly pull off this sad, base, maneuver.  They are just so freaking shameful.

Pisc said...
You should read the legislative history from 2004 and the calls from Dems to vote for the principles of democracy and public determination and against political patronage (an actual quote, I used it in a letter to my rep). So, by the logic used in 2004, switching is a vote for political patronage and agaist the principle of democracy. It does little good in the present instance, but they know we will be coming back, like a case of herpes.
Maria Rowen said...
House Republican Leader Bradley Jones said he will try to stall the measure, though he conceded Democrats could ultimately push it through with 81 votes(Washington Post). So with Democrats outnumbering Republicans 35 to 5 in the Senate, looks like a fill-o-bust majority win for the ‘Dums’.

Getting Back to Basics

I know that most of you who follow this Blog for its Boatbuilding theme have been severely dissappointed.  The Boats have taken a clear second position due to the politics of the day and other daily annoyances.
While my purpose is not to cater to you, I also feel that it is time for Boatbuilding to come to some sort of center stage.  The Marblehead Gunning Dory has been lying fallow for too long with the frames, stems and bottoms built and the gunnels waiting to be cedar stripped.
So I have to get Kate's Adirondack Chair assembled and out of the garage, and put finish polyurethane on the WorkBench, then the stage is set to resume the Dory..... unless I get set out on yet another tangent.

Periodic Tax Rant

Got my 3rd quarter estimated tax payments in on time yesterday.  The Federal government is my biggest creditor by far.  And I don't even get the chance to purchase the services that it provides.  The government spends what it wants, even if it doesn't have the money, and then charges us.  If we refuse to pay, they seize our assets, and we go to prison.
Am I missing something?
If I am getting this wrong.... let me know.
I always get a kick out of our Founding Fathers, who were repulsed by a tea tax, threw it into Boston Harbor and revolted against tyranny.  Those guys never got a load of the income tax that we pathetically wimp under and pay.   They would be extremist crazies if they lived today.
Definitely the Home of the Brave.   NOT the Land of the Free.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Self Loathing Paintbrush

Somehow I didn't see it coming.
In my relief that this country elected a Black President, I thought that the race issue would finally be passe.... that race as an issue would take a back seat.
But it's just the opposite.   Now the liberals are pulling out the race card every time they sneeze.
Obama couldn't possibly be unpopular because he can't pull the troops out of the Middle East.   People can't be peeved with him because he wants to convert our health care system to something akin to the United States Postal Service.  It can't be the boondoggle economic stimulus package.
No.  None other than Jimmy Carter, the biggest goofball ever to sit in the Oval Office, explains to us that the reason of our discontent with Obama is because we are racists.
When will we finally realize that the real racists are the liberals...  the Jimmy Carter types who look at themselves in the mirror and try to disguise their self loathing by painting their racist subdued thoughts on everybody else.
To dismiss the discontent with Obama as racist... is in itself racist to the core.  This country elected a Black President by popular majority.  The Liberals cannot deny this, but they can never let issues stand on their own merits.  That would be too truthful.

Planning Board Hearing

Heading down to the City of Groton, Connecticut tonight for a Planning Board meeting.   We have a very worthy petition to install antennas on a Groton Utilities water tank, and I hope that the Planning Board sees the utter reasonableness and goodness of our arguments.
It helps to be on the side of the Angels with these things.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mayan Frenzy

I've been getting dozens of emails from you Peeps who have a great deal of anxiety over the Mayan End of Days Prophecy.  You're going to have to learn to cope with this.
Just for the record, it doesn't bother me at all.  If we all go together, then that's fine with me.
I won't be heading to the mountains with ammunition and vegetable seeds planning for some survivalist scheme.  It just wouldn't be worth it.  If I lived and the rest of you didn't, who the hell would I write this  Blog for????
And as you have found out, the Nanepashemet Blog is central to life as we know it.
Plus, I really don't believe some died out Central American Indian Culture has a definite handle on the end of the world.
So I'm not in the least bit freaked out over this Mayan countdown.   But I'll keep it on the Blog for the next 1,000 days or so, because that cooincides with a personal date that is important to our family.

Maria Rowen said...

I can only speak for myself...but the NBlog along with HThoughts are central to my life...Maybe we could all take a break from the Mayan Frenzy and think about Mercury Madness! The planet Mercury went retrograde on the 6th of September and will continue in it's backward path until the 30th. When Mercury goes retrograde...some unexpected things can pay attention...sometimes even good things... *_*

Creating Value

I pulled this model to create value from the web.  Not really sure who to credit it to, but I didn't write it.
  1. Investigate the attributes valued by the client.
  2. Determine the individual weight the client gives to each attribute.
  3. Compare our position with that of the competitors on each of these attributes.
  4. Propose our own plan for exceeding the proposed value of the competition.
Nanepashemet Telecom delivers plain vanilla services to our customers, and I have been investigating ways to set us apart and make us more desirable vs. our competition.

Pisco said...

Whither the golf shirts? Golf Shirts, T-Shirts, a nice long sleeve denim blue shirt with the logo stitched in is great for the fall season. Christmas is coming. Do not forsake this linchpin to a tradition value model.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mayan Prophecy

The Mayans believed that time comes to an end in the next couple of years.   Course there are not too many Mayans around to explain this.   They abruptly dissappeared with all traces and their homes were covered with tropical vegetation.  So much for giving us all of this doomsday angst and stuff.

The Official Countdown

The Mayan Calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012, and there are all sorts of doomsday predictions following this date.  I personally don't really get too revved up over this.  If all of us Peeps are going down in a great cataclysmic explosive event together, then there is not much to fear.  A little bit of pain... then off to the next dimension.
The preservation of life on earth is such a balancing act anyway.
Everything depends on the Earth keeping its exact relationship with the Sun, as it plummets in orbit through space. A quick switch of the magnetic poles.... and the equator could freeze and oceans could shft.    And seven continents float precariously on a molten volcanic mass.  Course, this doesn't even take into account all of the comets and asteroids that could randomly smash into us and alter our climate past our ability to survive.
So the odds are definitely against us in the long run.
I'm in solid agreement with those who say that God has a hand in our overall well being.  But there are so many ways for Him to nail us if we really pissed Him off.

I've got my own reasons for watching the countdown.... and it has nothing to do with some extinct Indian culture.
Party on.

Maria Rowen said...

Sylvia Brown predicts the world wlll end in 95 years. (In 2007, she also predicted we would have a black president and not a woman president.) Who knows? It's the myteries of life that make life very interesting... So... If we are all still here on 12/31/2012...let's celebrate!

Who the hell is Sylvia Brown?
Maria Rowen said...
Who is Sylvia Browne? Don't you watch Montel? She is the number one psychic in America...I'll bet she knows who you are... (Sorry in the last post I forgot the 'e'on the end of Brown) ~  Isn't Montel that Black Oprah type guy who cries alot?
Jill Phillips said...
what are you trying to do? scare your peeps, because it is working! ~ Jill.... I'm not the freaking Mayans!  I'm not the one who started this thing.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Point of 9/11

It's the eighth anniversary of 9/11 when Muslim extremists killed over 3,000 Americans.  I wonder what point they were trying to make?  Wouldn't you think that if 3,000 poeple died because some group was pissed off, we would know exactly what they were pissed off about?
But we don't.
All I know is that we got pissed off, kicked the shit out of the 6th largest army in the world, executed the Iraqi President and occupy the god forsaken countries of Iraq and Afganistan to this day.
So if the maniacs who flew into the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania were trying to make a point... they probably came up a little short.  How did they think we were going to react after they attacked a bunch of innocent civilians on a Tuesday work day?  Did they think we were were going to roll over and cower?   Just seems pointless.
But then again, I'm not really sure what the point was.
I guess you have to be certain that you know who the pointless haters are, and keep your guard up, even if you're not clear on why they hate you.
We haven't really mastered our environment in our sophisticated modern culture.   We are still subject to the attack of irrational, wild animals, just like our club dragging ancestors were.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

POTW Week 36

Since Thursday is the Peep of the Week Selection Day, and I have been woefully deficient as of late, I decided to shock the hell out of you pathetic, pathological, yet predictable peeps, and give you the selection that you crave on time this week.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 36th week of 2009.

Kerry DiOrio
Amalia Baretta
Congressman Joe Wilson
The Delivery Driver at Moynihan Lumber
Jim Hormann
Jeff Previte

Sometimes being on time can be boring.

Humping for Enjoyment

Nanepashemet Telecom has been doing a job in Tewksbury, MA for the last two weeks at a water tank installation that requires a stick built 10'x 20' equipment shelter with a pitched roof.   Since we don't get a chance to do this type of framing much in this business, we thought it would be fun to build this ourselves.
We were right.
It's been a lot of fun and has come out fine.   But all other parts of our business has suffered badly as we have been getting our yucks swinging hammers.
I've got to get back to my old adage.... do what you do best.  Leave the hump work to the humpers who can't do what you can do from a business standpoint.  This is best for the humpers, and best for me.
Although physical labor can be extremely cathartic.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Increasing the Pace

The day after Labor Day is really the New Year for business.  Things start to get increasingly busy as people see the fourth quarter looming forth, and summer vacations are over.
We did seem to see an uptake of activity at Nanepashemet Telecom today.  Not that we couldn't handle it.

Monday, September 07, 2009

POTW Week 35

This week's Peep of the Week Selection is late because of the wedding in New Hampshire.   Joanne and I haven't been away all year, so deal with it.  Don't I deserve some time off once in awhile????  At least I'm getting the job done... even if it is a little late.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 35th week of 2009.

Nathaniel Clarke
Gordon McBurney
Pat Gallo
Craig Murray
The Guy in the entrance guard shack at the Mount Washington Hotel.
Jill Tufts

Next week we should be back to normal.

Great Father in Washington

President Obama has a back to school speech for students tomorrow.
You are not our Father.  You are the freaking President.  Do your job.  Get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.... Pull us out of the recession.  That's what you are supposed to do.
We can talk to our kids all by ourselves.  That's our job.
Don't be telling us how to wash our hands and bullshit like that.  Give the people who voted for you more credit than that.  It's the typical liberal... "leave it all up to government.... the government knows what is best."
This whole "it takes a village" concept negates the central tenet that God gave us all the ability to take responsibility for ourselves... and create our own reality.   We don't need the Leftys to tell us that we should wash our hands to avoid flu germs, or that we should study hard and stay in school.
If you do, then you deserve to be lectured by Obama.


Good luck Scott and Caroline McBurney.  We had fun at your wedding.

Figity Photo

Lisa Rowe, Joanne Nestor, and Maria Rowen all cleaned up really nice for the wedding.   But they had trouble sitting still.

Harvey Rowe said...
Jay...What makes you the "chick magnet"the blog or the man ?
Maria Rowen said...
I think we had a little help from two friends; Kendall-Jackson and Margarita!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Keynesian Economics

It's beautiful weather up here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for the McBurney Wedding.
We are staying at the Mount Washington Hotel in the same room occupied by John Maynard Keynes, the legendary economist,  durring the 1944 International Bretton Woods Monetary Conference.  I have no idea if they booked is into that room because they knew of the importance of the Nanepashemet Blog, or not.
Probably Not.
This is a beautifully restored, turn of the century Victorian hotel.  Lisa Rowe and Maria Rowen are among the invited guests that add to the beauty of the location.

I have to head down to the pool and get some laps in.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Manhood Challenge.

Tomorrow, on the Field of Honor, I challenge Will Murray at the North Conway Country Club for 18 holes  of golfing competion.
If Will is like anyone that I have ever played, he'll mercilessly kick my golfing ass.  But I am still gong to challenge his manhood tommorow.
BTW,  I continue to suck at golf.   As in brutally freaking bad.

Great Responsibility

I realize that this Blog is powerful.... that it has the ability to completely derail the lives of some of you Peeps.
That's why I'm so careful with my Posts.
With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Phreaking Plagiarist

So I made the mistake of telling my friend Harvey Rowe, that those who have seen me play golf know me as "the Crusher".  And that frequently, I use this moniker, "Crusher", to sign up for various internet sites.
You can imagine what happened next.
As Harvey was searching for a name for his fantasy football team that he and Sweet Lou Panakio are collaborating on, the only name he could come up with was "The Crushers".
It's a clear cut case of plagiarism.... hands down.
And this isn't the first time that I've caught Harvey stealing my intellectual  property.  Just take a look at his Blog, Harvey's Thoughts, and see if you see anything familiar. 
Look at his smug, insidious demeanor.  I would sue, but Harvey is one of the best lawyers that I know, and I'm already knee deep in legal fees these days.  So the best I can do is to point my index finger right at him, and call him a Phreaking Plagiarist.
No matter what your Phreaking Phantasy Phootball team says.... I'm still the only  "Crusher."

Harvey Rowe said...
Tuna Lips said...
Ise reckon from that grin on his face, somewheres there is a village missin' its idjut. Amazin to me the number of goobers you comes across.
Tuna has it right this time.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tragic Summer

My corporate lawyer, Rick Breed, lost his 30 year old daughter, Lindsay,  to a sudden death this week.   The rumor is that it was a brain aneurysm, but it really doesn't matter.
The Breed family are wonderful people, and they've just been beset by the worst tragedy imaginable.
Our thoughts and  prayers go out to them.
It's been a summer that I am happy to leave this September.  Sometimes the challenges of life come at you a little too fast.  Let's hope for brighter days.
Be with God Lindsay.