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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thinking of You

We're driving back from the Kittery, Maine Outlets, and Joanne asked me the always controversial question.... "What are you thinking about?"
In my younger, less experienced days, I might have been sucked into telling the truth... something like " I was thinking of how good a couple of grilled snap dogs with a Sam Adams might taste about now." ......Or....... "I was thinking about getting whether the Bluefish might be blitzing outside of the Harbor this weekend."
But now I am older and wiser.
Now, my stock answer to this murky question that is often riddled with bobbytraps, is how I responded this afternoon.
As in.... "I was just thinking about the richness of our relationship together, and how each passing moment sees my love grow deeper and stronger." Sometimes, I'll hit her with something like... "I was just thinking of you, you, and nothing but my love and appreciation of you."
Usually this little exchange results in a retort of "Bullshit" from her, but allows me to think in peace for awhile longer. And that is pretty much how it worked out today.