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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Streak Continues

I'm going to say that I completed Day 11 of consecutive workouts on a technicality.
At 5:30PM I was on the Cybex, with all intentions of getting a half hour burn in. But after 5 min. the doorbell rang and Joanne was in the shower, getting ready for the "My Brother's Table" fundraiser that we were scheduled to attend at the Nahant Country Club.
I let it ring a couple of times, hoping that it was just the FEDEX guy wanting to get a signature on something. But then I heard someone in the hall, so I had to abort the Cybex and get upstairs.
It was Craig LoConte, in from New York and dropping by to say hello. No way would I tell Craig that I had to continue my workout, and I was happy to see him, so the workout was over.
Only had time for a quick shower to get to Nahant, but when I got there, Harvey Rowe convinced me that the streak was not broken..... that the 5 min. on the Cvbex and my good intentions were enough to keep the streak going.
I agree with Harvey. Screw it.... Tomorrow is Day 12.

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