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Monday, August 10, 2009

One Thousand Days

Today was Day 8 and tomorrow with be Day 9.
To be truthful though, this is really a 1000+ day program.... about three years or so. By that time, I'll either have set up a lifelong habit of exercise and clean living, or be dead.
I vastly prefer the former alternative.
The difference this time, from other resolutions to return to buffness, is that I'm not setting elaborate training goals, like mileage buildups designed to run a marathon. This program is simply resolving to get some sort of aerobic burn in before I take a shower.... consecutively every day.
Since I've always kept a routine of personal hygiene.... i.e. I take a shower and brush my teeth every day .... adding a sweat in ahead of time doesn't seem to be as much of a stretch.
Three years has a bit of significance. That is how long it took to turn me from a chubby kid to a decent track athlete in High School. In retrospect, that time passed pretty quickly. I actually was thinking of quitting drinking over this 1000 day trek, but that would be too drastic.

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