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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Buff Update

No news today. No scandals, no issues.
I don't suppose that anyone cares that I completed my 16th consecutive day of getting a workout in. That's 16 days in a row, getting a burn in before taking a shower. Today it was only 6.7 mi on the Cybex over 20 minutes, but I still got my heartrate up to 148 and had a good sweat going.
Plus I didn't eat a high calorie take out lunch.
So you would think that I was starting to lose a little weight. So far, no discernable difference in the way my clothes feel. But I am feeling far more flexible, and picking up tools from the garage floor is not nearly as painful.
So that's something good. I'll take that benefit as worth the effort. Not going to get serious about weight loss until Day 100 has arrived. Then I'll assess the situation, and see if this regimen will buff me up or if I have to intensify in one way or another.
By that time, the habit should be in full swing and maybe we will only be tweaking here and there. I would like to get to running outside, but the pounding on my knees in my current fat boy state always ends up with a painful injury which will sideline the consistency of workouts. We'll keep it slow and steady for the time being.