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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Consequences of Winter

There was a hard frost last night and the temperature is in the 30's. All the leaves are off of the trees, and I actually raked them off of my lawn yesterday. We're ready for winter.
Every year around this time, I resolve to get some skiing in up North. X-C or Downhill... it doesn't matter. Course I didn't realize that the Nanepashemet business was going to hit like a Tsunami. So the prospects of really hitting this resolution are slight.
I suppose that this is good.
Since my skiing skills are only slightly better than than my golfing skills, I've been pretty lucky. After all... you can't get badly hurt golfing... generally.... but skiing is a whole different story.
If I was badly injured, and couldn't Blog, thousands of Peep lives would be left spinning helplessly out of control. Just because I selfishly chose to ski this year. I couldn't live with myself.

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  1. About five years back, didn't RJ fall face down on the golf course and nearly drown in a 3inch puddle of water? Todd Mack tells that story with great humor and drama.


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