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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bash Prep

If everything works out today, I'll make a quick trip to Ogunquit this morning to pull a permit for a Nanepashemet customer, then deadhead back to Marblehead and be in place by noon. That's when we will be packing it in to concentrate on the Thanksgiving Bash that we are hosting this evening.
Bash preparations include making the dough for Fried Dough, cutting the twenty lbs of chicken for the Buffalo Wings and setting up the turkey fryer. That's my chores. Joanne has her own, including making the macaroni and cheese, chili, scallops and bacon, clam balls, etc. .... and we try to stay clear of each other for the most part.
It's tough to keep the menu concentrated on "White Trash" food, but we are trying to stay true to the theme, with an eye to the subtheme of "understated elegance".
We always take a number of photos at each year's Bash, but this year I'll be periodically downloading onto the PC and projecting onto the 42" HDTV so that everyone can withness their true appearances. It will be interesting whether this revs things up or cools it down.... I suppose it depends upon the individual.
At any rate, all Peeps are welcome. And remember the Lagavulin automatic rule. That always makes it extra special for me.

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