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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bash Anticipation

So the anticipation/anxiety surrounding the night before Thanksgiving Bash is intensifying.
That's no surprize.
The urge to eat copious amounts of Buffalo Wings, Macaroni and Cheese, Chile, and Fried Dough, along with drinking highly inappropriate amounts of Beer, Wine, Dark and Stormies, Seagrams and Cider, and ultimately Lagavulin Night Caps is enough to cause consternation in the sturdiest Party Hounds among you Peeps.
Plus this year Carly Press passed the Bar in two States! That's Great... Another Lawyer... Just what we need!!!! At least she's a lot better looking than the average attorney. We'll probably have a couple of ambulance chasers at this bash. Piscatelli has threatened to attend, and this year, he might just come through.
Course the Two Bobs and "My Friend Who Doesn't Want His Name Mentioned in the Blog" will be there, along with his authoress wife, Nancy, Abby, Dave and Meghan and his new granddaughter, Caroline.
Katelyn is nagging me to get the door to the downstairs half bath fixed.... Something about privacy or something. I mean... just hold out as long as possible before you break the seal... then you won't care if the door is open of not. But I'll probably fix it anyway just to get her off of my ass.
It's rumored that Emily Engardia along with her squeeze, River, will be coming in from Lake Tahoe. You will recall that Emily beat Bob "Mountain of a Man" Brown hands down in the Nanepashemet Peeps Logo Contest, so it will be interesting to see them both at the same event. Sparks could fly.
MegaPeeps, Brian and Stacey Butler will be showing new megapeep offspring, Grady. I'm psyched for that.
Tons of other Highlights.
Katelyn and Jack Dog
Grandson Will along with his soon to be born brother, Malachi (that is the code name that the Psychic told me)
Tyler, Liz and Maddie Gill
Stevie, Ben
Archrival Joe Collins and the lovely Michelle.
Crawfords galore with young Will and his cousins Charlotte and Phoebe.
Hudaks, Dale, Buck, Gail, Drew and the ultra hotty Kristen.
Brendt and Kerry DiOrio, Peabody's, Tommy O and Linda
McMahon, Murph, Ropers
And Many MORE!
It will be a quiet, low key affair with witty humor and pithy conversation,,,,, NOT!!!

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  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Will the Peeps of the week for the current week be announced before or after the Thanksgiving bash? I just want to know what level of game I should be bringing.



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