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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Treadmill Stop and Go.

Like I suspected, Nordic Track was way off base. They were telling me to buy a new microcontroller and control console that would have set me back over $600 bucks.

When the Tech came over to the house and checked the treadmill, the only thing wrong was a loose connection to the motor. Glad I didn't follow the expert customer care offered by Nordic Track.
The treadmill works like new, but my knee sure as hell doesn't. It's giving me a ton of pain.... the kind that would incapacitate a lesser man.
It's back to the Cybex bike for a week or so until the knee kicks into gear.

Tuna Lips said...

One can get to figgerin' that from the neglectin' you have done to this here blogosphere, sumfin' ain't sittin' well with you, Sure Shot. Irregarding the dark passages your thinkin is a wanderin', like the tunnel to pappy's hooch still near the landfill in Peppermill Hollow, knows you wills come out to a land of milk and humpin', of birds and bees and cigarette trees, where the whiskey dunt run dry. And this self-carved d-bag who calls hisself Pisc, or Piscabo, or some other name depending on the day, he can find another split personality in some neighboring blogpsphere, irritatin boil on my arse. Get offa my cloud you surly cur.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Love that Dirty Water

Mike comes back home from Washington DC on Wed. It's hard to believe that he's been gone for over a year, but he will be working in the Boston market and will be around Marblehead again.
My extreme bias is that Boston is the best place in the universe to live.
I was so fortunate during my ten years at General Dynamics to travel throughout the United States. California was great.... SF, LA and San Diego had great assets. I also loved Seattle with it's seacoast and mountains intertwined. Spent a lot of time in Dallas, Denver, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Washington, Nashville, Chicago, and New York.
Been to Spokane, Portland (Ore. and Maine), Montreal, Honolulu, Toronto, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Vancouver, and San Juan. New Orleans, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Memphis, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Las Vegas, and Kansas City were also stops. Roanoke, San Antonio, Ft. Lauderdale, Charlotte, Sacramento, Orlando and Boca Raton made the list.
I almost forgot Colorado Springs and Little Rock (where they really hate the Clinton's).
My least favorite place was probably Buffalo. But the customer there was one of my best and really loved the area. Can't forget Albany and Syracuse.
So I really feel like I've seen a lot of the United States.
But wherever I went, I was always glad to get back to Boston. It has my kind of trees, my kind of dirt, the Ocean, the White Mountains, the Cape, and the people talk like me. People aren't phoney or nicey-nice in Boston, but they are not rude like in New York. There is a feeling of "what you see is what you get." It has a genuineness in the change of seasons, and a sense of tradition and history in it's cities and towns. Plus, there is the Red Sox and the Patriots.
I'm glad that Mike is coming home to Boston.
And, BTW, I don't care if I ever set foot in an airplane ever again.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Taste of Summer

It's still only April. But because we had a run of 70 degree days this week, you really want it to be summer. Today the weather is overcast, glum and in the forties.
Yesterday, I took advantage of the warm temps by getting into the garage and building a case to house the components of our TV downstairs. It's all done except for the back panel and the sanding, and was a good tune up for some of the techniques that I'll use on Grandson Will's Toy Chest.
Tommy McMahon and Reaf dropped by with a piece of pier foam that I recommended that he buy to fulfill his dream of making a floating Beirut game table. We cut it to size on the band saw and pieced together a 30" by 60" panel to serve as flotation. It should provide many hours of inebriated pleasure for Tom and his friends this summer.
I felt so good that I decided to get two miles in on the track before dinner. Unfortunately, there is no denying that the pain in my left knee is the real deal and can't be ignored. I'm going to try to run through it today and continue to hope for the best.
The evening was capped by dinner with the O'Shea's at the Peabody's where Jim grilled a turkey breast on his charcoal cooker. I think that we were pretending that it was a summer night, and we tried to hang out on his deck and watch the Sox, but it cooled down quickly.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

POTW - Week 17

Now it's coming out that a bunch of the Red Sox have been afflicted by the flu. I'm not sure that I have recovered from this insidious strain. I haven't felt right for over a week and a half. Not that I'm complaining. That would be downright un-Nanepashemet of me.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 17th week of 2008
  • Paul Giamatti
  • Eric Johnson
  • Meaghan Bruett
  • Bob Towne
  • David Letterman
  • Linda O'Shea
I hope that my poor training is indicative of this persistent virus and nothing more.

Final Episode of John Adams

Wojcik was right again. The final Adams episode was a decided tearjerker.
The loss of his daughter and wife was tough to take, but the ascent of his son, John Quincy, to the Presidency and his extended correspondence with Jefferson culminating in their mutual deaths on the 50th anniversary of their signing of the Declaration of Independence, is the type of reality that defies a fictional account.
John Adams had a remarkable life, and Americans have benefited because of it ever since.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bleak Outlook

So I got out to run today, and really feel terrible. Knee hurt and and my back felt like it was ready to go out. Plus I found out that Bob Towne, my buff college roommate just ran a 100KM race. That 60+ Miles! That's a photo of Bob during one of the exciting parts of the race.
I could hardly drag my ass around for two. Right now, I can't imagine covering the Marine Corps course six months from now. But I'm going to resign my fate to a higher power and stay the course.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Adams Conclusion

I haven't seen the last episode of John Adams yet, but Bob Wojcik said that it brought him to tears. I would think that it would have to have been pretty twisted. Now I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

Archrival Visit

Archrival Joe Collins and the lovely Michelle visited us in the mountains yesterday.
I told Joe that I had finally been able to get a training run in, and he countered by showing me his Oakley Club Champion plaque.
Nice Plaque.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Running Start

It's almost exactly six months to the Marine Corps Marathon, and I finally took my first steps on the road, 2 weeks behind schedule because of the broken treadmill, then the virus attack.
I nursed myself through two miles at a snail's pace to see how the knee felt. It felt tenuous at best. The good news is that I am right on plan with weight loss, having lost about ten lbs. last week.
The first day back running is never representative of how your body will respond. We'll see how I feel at the end of this week.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saco Water Level

So I was up in North Conway today, and decided to check out the water level at the Saco River and see if any trout were around.
The water was higher and rushed faster that any non flooding time that I can remember. The large, rushing volume was cloudy with sand and leaf debris. I learned a long time ago to refrain from trout fishing if you couldn't see them.
I went to some of the area galleries and was again impressed by some of the furniture on sale. I'm convinced that I could do that stuff if I didn't have to work for a living. I was inspired to get going on Will's toy chest and did a work breakdown structure that indicated that I have 40 hours in work in store before the chest will be ready. Since Will's birthday is in June, I'm already cutting it close.
Tomorrow, Archrival Joe Collins and his main squeeze, the lovely Michelle are coming up to visit us.
Don't worry.... I'm hip to his psychological tactics. He can't get into my head. NO WAY!

Running a Test

This virus that hit me last Sunday is still screwing with me. I've lost a week of training, but I also lost well over 5 lbs. So maybe there is a bright spot.
I can't wait for the treadmill to be repaired, so I'll be running on grass a couple of miles to test my knee this weekend.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Week 16 POTW

So the Pope's response to the victims of sexual abuse is to pray.
Hopefully that works for everytime you have to take action.
Take out the garbage??? Pray.
File your taxes???? Pray
Shopping for groceries??? Pray.
Get the picture? If you have a problem, just sit on your ass and pray. If your garbage overflows, the IRS chases you or you start to get really hungry.... then maybe prayer alone isn't the answer.

Your priests are molesting kids and ruining their lives??? Time to lay down a few prayers.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for Week 16 of 2008

Sarah Piscatelli
Stan Brown
Mike Nestor
Nathaniel Clarke
David Ortiz

Nobody asked me, but getting rid of celebacy would be a good start. Bring some normalcy into the priesthood and cut down on the freaks.

Piscatelli said...

The conclusion, equating the Pope's situation to one where he has to "take action", is wrong. In fact unmeasred action in such a circumstance, where your credibility is in doubt, is ill advised. Slow, deliberate repeated action is adviseable in a situtation where the harm is great an immeasurable, and the "wound" if you will, is more susceptible to further injury than to healing. This applied to the sentient world.

At a higher level of abstration, this betrayal will take generations to be stilled, long after you and I have gone to earth.

I feel Benedict's plea for prayer is an acknowledgement of his humanity, that this is a problem which he can not fix himself, nor can anyone on earth, through courts or crusades, fix. Only something larger than humanity, and the timid sense of justice and brotherhood we occassionally display, can right this terrible wrong, to hear our prayer for justice, to know what is just. Not to decide, but to know.

And so we pray for that. Humiliating, but humble.

Now go take the garbage out.

Well said Piscatelli.... I'll pray for you. There are some empirical things that the Pope can do to stop perverts from preying on innocents. He could also stop using the Vatican as sanctuary for criminals. Why don't you bring that up at your next Altarboy convention????

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wack Job

So Hillary Clinton admitted in her debate with Obama, that her comment about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire was untrue.
Untrue???? It was much more than that! It was one whopper of a humongous lie. If anybody told me that, and I found out that it was a fabrication, I wouldn't trust that person to open a bag of potato chips, must less be elected leader of the free world.
That person would be written off as a wack job - plain and simple.
If Clinton embellishes like this, she really must be unstable.

Picking on the Pope

Pope Benedict expressed sorrow that the priests diddled with little American kids.
I bet he is sorry.
Maybe if he sent the criminal, Cardinal Bernard Law, back to Boston to stand trial for his negligence in allowing perverts with collars to prey on innocent children, the Pope would have some credibility.
Sure he's sorry - because they got caught. Because the children victimized by the authority figure that they should trust the most - their parish priest - grew up and found a voice.
It's one thing to be sorry, another to do something about it. The arrogance of the Catholic Church is probably more incompetence than anything. I'm not talking about reparations to the victims, although this is only ethical to do. I'm talking about publicly announcing the steps that the Church has taken to keep the non-celebrate, hypocritical monsters at bay.
Don't take it personal Pope, but your empire is an anachronism, and resembles nothing that can possibly be thought of as Christlike.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Izzy's Passing

Isabelle our cat died today. She was over 100 in cat years and very sick.
It's true that she was a bitch to Roenick and always kept him in his place. But he didn't seem to mind, and gave her first dibs even though he could obviously overpower her.
She had a couple of litters and seemed to be a good mother.
Like many cats, she was affectionate or standoffish on her own terms. We once found her in a neighborhood over a mile away from our house. One of our friends recognized her and called Joanne to pick her up.
The one time that I took her and Roenick in my truck to North Conway, she got into the truck , stepped on the automatic window roll down button, and before I was ten yards down the road, she jumped out onto the street. I had to lock down the window controls when I finally got her back into the truck. She sat on my lap for about an hour during the trip, then with no warning or provocation whatsoever, reached back with her front paw and smacked me in the face.
Good times and fun memories.
She was a good cat. We loved her and will miss her.

Texas Cult

BTW - Those prairie dog cult wives in Texas seem really screwed up. I don't know if it was right to take their kids, but they have to do something about their freaking hairdos.
And while we're on the subject, what is the problem with polygamy anyway? Why is it illegal?
Don't get me wrong.... I'd never do it. I have a bitch of a time trying to satisfy one wife as it is. But if some crazy bastard wants to take on multiple women, like those prairie dogs, then that's his business.... warped as it is. Who is the government to say that they can't.

Evil and Sinister

Recently, a number of you have asked me, "J. Why do you get so riled up about Joe Collins? He seems like a nice fellow."
Well he's not. And he's trapping you in his evil plan.
Would a nice fellow send me his superior workout plans and boast about filing his taxes when he knows that I have been fighting a potentially life threatening virus, and probably filed an extension on my taxes.????? Plus he knows that my treadmill is broken and that Nordic Track is dicking around with me about the cause and repair.
Don't get tangled in his sinister web.

Archrival Joe Collins wrote.....

date workout

4/4 16 mi (bike)
4/8 10 mi (bike)

4/12 2.3 miles treadmill run

4/13 3.5 miles treadmill ! ! plus the usual, stretching, weights, situps etc ! It was a little busy in work this week, so I didn't do as many workouts as I hoped - but taxes are done and filed !

BTW - taxes due on Tues not Wed !


Nice fellow indeed! It will be so satisfying to leave this cocky bastard in my Marine Corps Marathon dust this October.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tender Maintenance

When I took the tarp off of the Tender, it didn't come close to resembling this photo that was taken last June before the launch.
One season of use and one winter really put some wear on - especially in the interior.
Estimated work to get it back in shape....
Vacuum and clean - 1 hr.
Powerwash - 1 hr.
Sand Interior - 3 hrs.
Sand Exterior - 1 hr.
Tape and epoxy seats - 2 hrs.
Misc. Epoxy repairs - 1 hr.
Spray Varnish 1st coat - 2 hrs.
Spray Varnish 2nd coat - 1 hr.
Reattach Naval Brass to Keel - 1 hr.
Misc. - 1 hr.
That's 14 hours. Makes me start to wish I made this thing in fiberglass.
Doesn't matter because it's one of the best looking craft in Marblehead Harbor.


I'm tired of the Democratic Presidential race.
Don't care if the Pope is coming here.
Americans in Iraq for way too long doesn't rile me.
Big Papi in a slump is no big deal.
And I'm not even concerned about who wins "Dancing With the Stars".
That's how apathetic I am. It's freaking sad.

Bouncing Back

Despite my weakened, flu-ridden condition, I managed to get up and into action today... made it to the bank and the post office and sat in on a conference call.
I know what you're thinking. "A lesser man would surely have wiltered."
I appreciate the sentiment, but I didn't become a mountain of a man overnight. There was a time when I would have pussied under just like the rest of you. This strength comes from years of self discipline, singleness of purpose, and the utter lack of acknowledgement of pain.
I have to stop now. My fingers are getting tired from typing.

Tuna Lips said...

Now, I take yer point there, Big Train. Bully on yeh.

Fer your considerin': The way ole TL rolls, I'd never have spake a word of feelin' under the weather in the first place.

I am a cyclone, comin' to a trailer park near you.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Under the Weather

I haven't been sick for well over 10 years, but yesterday, something hit me like a freight train.
First chills and fever, then a pounding headache and backache that lasted all night.
Naturally, I put up with the distress with the strength and stoicism that has always characterized my behavior in the face of pain.
I hope to sleep tonight then back into the maelstrom, but I still feel rather crappy.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Full Agenda

Yesterday, Kevin Rockett finished tiling my basement, and we put it back together again so that it can function. This is the third major renovation to the basement, and hopefully the last. Between kids and cats, it tended to deteriorate quickly.
Ryan and Courtney just finished renovating their basement. Let's see how long it takes before grandson Will makes his mark.
I still have a great deal of finish carpentry and painting to do downstairs, but at least it can now be used, primarily for my home office and the treadmill. Can't wait for the part to come in for that machine so I can test if my left knee can stand the running strain.
Also pulled out the Tender and removed the winter tarp. A dirty mess on the inside that has to be powerwashed, sanded and revarnished.
There's no shortage of things to do, not to mention getting the taxes done by Wed.
BTW, contrary to popular belief, Dale Johnson is not Tuna Lips, and his son Jeremy is not retaining me as a wedding planner.

Yahweh Piscatelli said...

The first trial balloons of an escuse appear on the horizon, and just as I go out and get fitted for a new pair of running shoes. Are there anymore real cowboys left? Jeez.

Mo swang and missed a 2-2 screwball that backed into the hole in his swing.

The other one was not so lucky.

First herring have been spotted down the cape. Schoolies not far behind.

Nestor, I am laying down a gauntlet of my own. Run the 4th of July race in Hingham, a 5 miler. Good tune up for your 26.2 mile event.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Striped Bass Weathervane

Is this the best looking freaking weathervane that you ever saw???
I think so too.
Cape Cod Weathervane Company sells these Striped Bass copper vanes, and one is definitely going to end up on the top of my garage one of these days.
I'm putting this on the wish list with the 8hp Honda Four Stroke.

Friday, April 11, 2008

POTW - Week 15

OK, just shut up.
I warned you that the selections might not be on time didn't I???
So you never screw up ???? Ever???
My point exactly, so get off my case.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for Week 15 of 2008
  • Dale Johnson
  • Kevin Rockett
  • Dave Bruett
  • Brendt D'Orio
  • Lindsey Kepnes
  • Emily Engardia
I'm tired, so leave me alone

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Tomorrow I have to get the POTW stuff done early, because I'm going on the New England Wireless Association Boston Harbor Cruise in the evening when I'd normally be tending to this tedious task.
So if you have any of your pathetic recommendations or nominations, you'll have to submit them soon.
Because there's a lot of heavy drinking that goes on in these functions... open bar and all. And you don't want me making the selections if I'm under the influence.
Actually, I don't plan to really party. This is the opportunity to pick brains, and lie about how good your business is with your competitors. A combination of deception and bullshit, mixed in with a dose of intimidation.
I can't wait.

Think, then Speak

Lately I have borne witness to some business situations where otherwise intelligent people say some really stupid stuff.
As in.... not a thought of the implications, the context, or the audience before something highly inappropriate is blurted out.
The key phrase here is "not a thought".
Is it so hard to freaking think of what you are saying before the you blurt out the first freaking thing that comes into your FREAKING MIND??????
Ok.... I'll calm myself down. I do have self control that is almost superhuman. Especially dealing with people in delicate business situations that call for discipline and forethought.
So why don't you try some discipline and forethought.... YOU FREAKING STUPID, MORONIC, FREAKING IDIOT!!!!!
Use some braincells and think before you let your lips flay with your stupid, one dimensional, uncalled for ramblings.
Next time, try thinking before you open your big mouth. Freaking Moron.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dory Resurgence

Pulled out the Dory Plans
Time to get serious.
I've got the base and the frames done. This weekend, I'll attach the middle frames to the base, then turn it over on the base mould and adjust the bottom camber.
After that, it will be game on.... add the stems, and start planking. We'll have pictures.
Mark Ryan of Ryan Marine is going to charge me a little under $2k for the 8hp Honda Four Stroke. That's a fair price, and I'll buy it if I can only collect a little more receivables from Nanepashemet Telecom. I'd like to have it on hand during the construction process so that I can customize the motor well around it.

Head Game

Talk about kicking someone when they're down!
I drop my guard, and innocently point out to you that my treadmill problem is altering my training routine, and I get this taunting email from my Archrival, Joe Collins, inviting me to work out with him at the Oakley Country Club, and watch the Sox on opening day.
I hope he doesn't think I was born yesterday.
There's no way I'd let him screw with my head at his hotsy totsy country club. I'm not in country club workout shape yet.. and he knows it. Plus he knows that the Boston Yacht Club doesn't have a gym, and he's trying to rub it in.
I'm wicked on to him.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Critical Delay

This was supposed to be the day that I began training on the Nordic Track Treadmill.
But no. The incline engine and console worked, but the tread didn't move. A call to their customer care center put me through a diagnostic over the phone, and they say that I needed a new controller processor circuit board.
It will be six to ten business days before the part is delivered.
Don't they understand that I'm on a very strict schedule???? That this delay could inexorably alter the delicate pattern that has been established to bring me to peak performance on October 26, 2008 at the Marine Corps Marathon????
I'm still going to refrain from running on the pavement before I get some low inpact treadmill training in. So I hope the freaking part comes in on time.
Meanwhile, the CYBEX reclining bike will have to do.
Maybe this diversion is ordained from GOD. Maybe the Almighty has decided to intercede in this training effort for the betterment of my glory in October.
I doubt it... but maybe.

Piscabo said...

Sounds like you need to think over your training approach. I do my best thinking over a bowl of mac and cheese. Also, a pint of Smithwick's and a chicken pot pie with a real crust can be solution inspiring. Finally, tucking into a meatball (not hamburger) and green pepper thin crust pizza with a sixer of Coors light and a remote to welcome the boys of summer back to Fenway, well, it doesn't get much more American than that. You are a patriot. I am getting misty, forgive me.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Family Resemblance

John Quincy Adams looks more like his mother, Abigail, than his father, John.

Piscabo said...

How awkward was it to watch John Sr. get his swerve on with Abigail in last week's installment. Jeepers.

Jeez Piscatelli.... Well what did you want????
Full frontal nudity and gasps of ecstasy?
I thought that John Adams did all of us ugly guys rather proud.

Toy Chest Progress

Even with only a little good weather this weekend, I made great progress in the garage, and cut everything for the carcass of the toy chest that I'm building for Will's first birthday.
I was able to recycle some cedar from my parents hope chest that I had been saving for some time. It still had a pungent aroma when sawed, and will be the floor of the chest. The walls will be a combination of oak and mahogany in a pattern that worked well on the seats of the Tender. These hardwoods contrast very well together.
The base will be a dovetailed oak carcass with mahogany moulding accents.
I want to use a laminated strip pattern for the top that will incorporate a fair curve and give a nautical effect. It's looking great in my mind... curious to see how it will manifest in wood.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring is Sprung

A warm day, sunshine, clear sky.
I made my spring pilgrimage into the garage and organized a little bit. Cut up some scrap wood and made a trip to the dump.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Victorious Week

You remember how I was telling to to celebrate your victories? Well, this week was one big freaking victory.
Nanepashemet Telecom made great strides with existing and prospective customers, and other stuff that I've been working on for a long time now took a giant leap forward.
I know all about waiting for the check to clear... but you have to have these forward strides to even get the check. If it all comes to fruition, that would be great, but even if some of it drops out, it's still damn good.
If I lost about 24 lbs last week, it would have been perfect.

Tuna Lips said...

Puts me to mind of them old time songs you'd here them coloreds singin' whislt they went to cleanin' the pile of dung usin's had 'em livin' in, down by the Wooly Swamp.

Victeree is mines,
Victeree is mines,
Victeree t'day is mines!
I told Satan, get thee behind
Victeree today is mines!

POTW Photo

Normally, I'd never publish a picture of a Peep of the Week.
The embarrassment/jubiliation is just too intense.
But this photo of Ethan Rathbone is obviously the exception.
All of his fingers look fine and there are no noticeable head bruises from his ordeal with the toy box cover.
He actually looks pretty happy.

Ho Hum

Joe Collins (my archrival) delivers his boastful marathon training program stats....

date workout situps

3/28 14.6 M bike 80

3/29 13.3 " 80

3/30 18 holes ; )

3/31 2.3 run (treadmill) 100

4/2 elliptical 30 min 700 cal 100

4/3 2.3 run treadmill 100

Weight stablized around 205 or so - but fat disappearing... 6 pack abs' starting to take shape !

How's Mike's training coming?

Nice 17mile 50 min workout ! I want to know if there's a resistance setting on that Cybex! If there is, I certainly hope you have it on a higher setting than "wussy"
Semper Fi - Archie

Does this make your blood boil????

Mine too!

This dude is going down.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

POTW - Week 14

In case you didn't know it, Thursday is Nanepashemet Peep of the Week day. That's so much better than plain old Thursday, isn't it???
More than most weeks, today we got a number of nominations and lobbying for selection.
Those of you who know me well, realize that I could never be swayed or influenced.... unless of course you gave me cash or Lagavulin. I'm only human, after all.
To be truthful, I haven't seen any Lagavulin come my way in some time now. Very dissapointing. It's getting so this Blog isn't even worth it, even though the David Letterman show is probing to get an appearance by Tuna Lips. There's nothing in that for me, and TL will never blow his cover.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for Week 14 of 2008
  • Brian Butler
  • Katelyn Nestor
  • Rebecca May
  • Ethan Rathbone
  • Patrick Piscatelli
  • Sam Simons
Letterman could never pay enough to get an appearance. And we would never even consider Leno.... unless he asked.

Getting Ready

Starting to get in the spirit.
Because it's Thursday.... Peep of the Week Day!!!!
Stupid Morons.....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wireless Project Rule

We were waiting today to see if an announcement would be forthcoming from the CTIA regarding Sprint's WiMAX network. They were building full bore in Boston, but now have cut back. This is typical in wireless. Launch the project. Blast away at full speed. Then slam on the brakes.
It's the rule rather than the exception.

Tuna Lips said...

Been there, dun that, Hoss. Date rape they calls it. As if.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In Constant Sorrow

Happy Birthday Old Lady

It was Joanne's birthday today. I won't tell you how old she is, but she's definitely getting there.
All three of our kids called her which made her very happy. At our age, that is really the only present that you need.... but I ordered her a handbag on Amazon and took her to Cafe Italia anyway.

V for Victory

Sometimes you just have to let your guard down.
Sometimes it's okay just to feel good about things.
Victories are not all encompassing events. Most of the time, they are just momentary events, and they should be captured and celebrated, or you won't even realize that they occurred.
Ultimately, we are all headed for ignominious defeat... i.e., the perpetual dirt nap.
So.... if you don't mark the victories before your ultimate defeat, you are really cheating yourself.