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Friday, March 14, 2008

Maine Coast

Another ride up the coast of Maine today to further the cause and glory of Nanepashemet Telecom. Maine is nice, but it's freaking big! Lots of miles between here and there.
The Maine coast is spectacular, and I really like the period homes in places like Damariscotta, Wiscasset and Thomaston.
The original Colonial Saltboxes, Federalists, Greek Revivals, and Victorians abound and they make the modern Capes, Ranches and Split Levels pale in comparison. There are some real diamonds in the rough. Too bad they are so freaking far away.
And there are a lot of "Men from Maine" style properties - complete with rusted autos in the front yard, Tyvek for siding and piles of shit everywhere.
You want to steer clear of those.
My dream home would be a modest and comfortable, period home, with extensions to a large oversized barn. The house would have to have a water view as well as access by pier or beach to the ocean. Joanne would want a pool in the back yard, and I'd probably have to fit that in.
Naturally, a range of beautiful cedar strip pulling and sailing boats would be built and launched right from the premises.
Which means I'll have to hump a little harder to get some returns from Nanepashemet Telecom soon.

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