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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Gut Check

Robert Towne, the famous senior ultra-distance runner from the State of Washington, (and my former roommate at UMASS, where I had no trouble kicking his ass) has accepted the Marine Corps Marathon challenge.
This brings the list to....
  • J. Nestor
  • J. Colllins
  • B. Wojcik
  • T. McMahon
  • B. Brown
  • M. Nestor (big maybe)
  • R. Towne
Peeps.... This is so pathetic. Where is your sense of self worth??? Where is your self respect???? How can you be such wussies?
I would have expected the list to be in the hundreds by now. Katelyn Nestor says she is training for a 1/2 marathon. Unacceptable!!!
Courtney and Ryan are non-committal and the Crawford Brothers have not even risen.
Where's Steve Lewis, Benny Martin, Nathaniel Clarke, Kelley Clark ? Where's Dave Bruett, Lauren Rathbone, Mike Rockett, Doug Maxfield, Brian Butler, Lindsey Kepnes??? Absolutely no word from POTY, Michael "Murph" Murphy. The depressing list can go on and on.
Where are You???? Reading this blog entry and sitting on your sedentary ass.
You know who you aspiring Nanepashemet Peep Pretenders.
Fine.... Be like that. But when you see us walking around with cool Nanepashemet Peep Marathon T-shirts next fall, you'll have nobody to blame but yourselves.
Examine your conscience. There's still plenty of time to do the right thing.

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