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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ArchRival Smack

More marathon training smack from my ArchRival, Joe Collins.

That's right Joe.... keep golfing.... that will definitely get you ready.


Like Brown and Wocjik, I too traveled to FL and trained last week... It takes a great deal of effort to hit 3-4 buckets of golf balls, play 18 holes; smoke cigars and drink beer - this is a very difficult regimen ! However - I also began the limbering program - stretching for Golf; stretching for biking; and stretching for running.

To cut to the chase... 3 rounds and about 10 buckets of balls (and btw, I was striping them down the middle !)

2/25 1.5 mile run and elliptical total 700 calories; 100 situps;

2/27 10.1 mile bike 75 situps; weights

3/4 12.5 mile bike 75 situps; weights

Wt is now down to 205 (from 220 start ! !) I hope that when I return to FL this week - that I'm not hounded on the beach with requests to be a personal trainer !

Tell Mike I want him to make the commitment and set this as a goal ! It will be one more chance to show the 'ol man that Mike can "take him down" !

- Svelte Archie

I can't wait to scorch this cocky bastard in October.

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