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Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Wise Choice

Benny Martin and Stevie Lewis, along with Craig Murray and others, were stalking me last night. Trying to lure me down to the 3 Cod, with the possibility of picking up their massive bar bill. Ben was psyched because he just landed an assistant football coaching job at Merrimac College. Watch for the Merrimac program to leap forward in improvement.
Luckily for my wallet and my sobriety, Joanne and I were serving steamed clams that Jim Bob and Kathy Peabody brought over to the house last night. Then we watched "Gone Baby Gone" with Casey Affleck's brother Ben portraying the grittier side of Boston. In the Bonus Features, they emphasized that they grew up in Boston, but they actually grew up in Cambridge which is the other side of the moon from the Dorchester culture that was featured in the movie.
A great flick though. It's still painful to see actors try to capture Boston accents. You can pick out the foreigners a mile away.
The lack of throbbing pain in my head this morning is testament to my better judgment last night.

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