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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Marketing Strategy

We have a meeting with one of our largest customers today, and will be bringing a liberal amount of Nanepashemet coffee mugs to give out.
The marketing strategy is that a mug that costs about $2.50 will stimulate recognition of our company, which will result in millions of dollars in sales. It's like buying lunch for someone, but the lunch has your logo on it and never leaves the customer's desk. And, it doesn't spoil.
Plus people like getting free stuff, as long as it's good quality. They love T-shirts, golf shirts and mugs. The beauty of the mugs is that one size fits all. Some people won't wear a baseball cap, but sooner or later everyone drinks from a mug.
So we have these mugs with our killer logo on them.
Can't wait for the strategy to kick in.

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