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Monday, February 18, 2008

Marathon Smack

Remember I was telling you about Joe Collins, my Archrival from UMASS???
Look at the smack he's putting down for his preparation for our race of destiny at the Marine Corps Marathon in Virginia next fall.....

Weekly recap

date workout

2/11 18.2 miles biking, 160 jump ropes curls while biking

2/13 12.3 miles biking, 135 jump ropes, 60 situps curls while biking

2/15 1.5 mile run 60 situps

2/17 10 mile bike 212 jump ropes 60 situps ! curls while biking

Do you think this scares me Joe? You're going to have to jump a lot more rope before you jangle the nerves of this Mountain of a Man.
When my mojo kicks in, you'll be eating my dust and staring at my backside.

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