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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Site Office

I'm sitting here in one of my site offices away from Nanepashemet corporate headquarters, Panera Bread. This one happens to be in Beverly, MA, but it doesn't matter. Whenever I find one, I'm in touch with the Peeps because this company has ingeniously offered free connectivity to the Web with no strings attached.


When you order a coffee, they give you a mug, and you can fill it all day. It's like being in my office, but with a lot of people that I don't necessarily know all milling around.


With the price of gas, these cafes allow me to get into the field, and establish complete contact with all of my business processes. It they had a little room with a printer, it would be perfect. As it is, all I have to do is save to CD or Flash stick, and head for a copy shop like Staples or something.

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