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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Peep of the Week - 1

You have to feel bad about ole Tuna Lips, the way he's reacted to Murph's taunting and all.... I suppose he'll get over it, but it must be hard being an undercover operative. Everybody has their breaking point.
But just because I have feelings for people, don't start thinking that I'm getting soft or anything. I have to toughen up, and fast.... because today is Thursday, and it's time to begin the year off by.....

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for Week 1 of 2008
  • Courtney Lynch
  • Jill Phillips
  • Lindsey Kepnes
  • Beth Murphy
  • Ted Moore
  • Eric Rumpf
An appropriate group of Winners/Losers to start the New Year off Right/Wrong.

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