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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bad Birder Bob

So I'm out to dinner last night with Two Bobs and Tommy D. Just as I was settling into my fried oyster appetizer, one of the Bob's (the Polish one) claims that he couldn't see the hawk on Tommy O's front lawn.
Look at the photo... I'll admit that Tommy took a sucky shot, but right in the exact middle is a Red Tailed Hawk dining on a bunch of feathers.
Click on the photo to get a closer look.
Bob, you'd make a freaking poor Birder!
BTW, I went off the wagon because of the bad influence of the Two Bob's and downed a shot of Talisker (or three). There was no Lagavulin in sight. Naturally, I layered in a good three Guinness base before venturing to the hard stuff.
Back on the wagon today, except for our planned dinner with Dale/Buck and Gale tonight. Can't be rude you know. So the wagon kicks in big time tomorrow.

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