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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Excitement

Sox won in Denver... now they are 3 and 0 and could clinch the Series tonight. It's nice to see them so dominant. Plus the Patriots play the Redskins this afternoon at 4:15. Dave Bruett said something about a gathering at the Gerry for the first half. Could be a fine idea.
Too much excitement for one day..... I'll have to pace myself.
My Manny shirt was a bust last night. The transfer Iron-on paper really didn't work well. It was a great idea though. I should get credit for that alone. Another fun Crawford Halloween party. I felt bad for Will Crawford with his MaryLou Retton gym tights on. That had to hurt, even for Will.
Got to see the two baby Wills - Crawford and Nestor... plus the always lovely Maddie Gill. Great additions to the holiday parties this year.
High tide is at 1:00 this afternoon. I can feel a good Harbor Row coming on, before the main events begin.

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