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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stupid Good Morning

Fires in California.
Drought in Atlanta.
Other good reasons to come from Boston.
I'll admit that I've been getting a lot of my information on these unfortunate situations from Good Morning America. Such Sclock journalism. You would think that the entire state was ablaze and that every person in Cal. was in Qualcomm Stadium. They interview individuals who lost their homes until they make them cry. They ask the obvious questions.... "Is there anything that you forgot to bring with you?".... all to elicit an emotional reaction.
I'm sure they dream of the day when they can "report" on the Apocalypse. But they are too egotistical to note that they also would be doomed.
In the meantime, we have little info on the true scope of the issue. From what I can make out, these fires and winds are blowing ambers and sparks that are randomly causing house fires. 1500 homes are lost. No other technical coverage regarding spread or duration of the fires, or overall impact. Of course, it's my own fault for trying to get the facts from Good Morning America. I suppose that I could get off my ass and actually research and read something.
Red Sox start the World Series tonight against the Colorado Rockies, and I don't feel guilty. I actually feel guilty about not feeling guilty.

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  1. Tuna Lips3:44 PM

    I was a wild cat fire fighter at in the oil fields of Southeastern Oklahoma, 1967, before I headed to San Francisco to start my acting career. Lots of heat and grime. Sweaty work. Isolated. Away from things for a long time. Makes a man do things that some think aint natural. But its a pure love.


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