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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Star in the Making

Jonathan Papelbon is set to become a larger than life celebrity in Boston. If he goes on tour with the Drop Kick Murphy's, they will clean up.


  1. Tuna Lips2:40 PM

    Its a great feelin', bein' a shinin' star, people from near and afar admirin' your quick wit, handsome grin and admirable sense of values. It's a great feelin'. The ladies often sigh when I explain this great feelin' only few like myself have. It must be depressin' at times for plainer folk. Not takin' on airs er nuthin', but good breedin' can not be substituted fer.

  2. The other side of the coin2:41 PM

    He will drink himself out of the league in less than 5 years, and be on medication for sure. Sorry.


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