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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Being Manny

I'll be going to Sarah Crawford's "M" Halloween Party this weekend as "M"anny #24 Ramirez. I don't care who else goes as Manny. There are enough dreadlocks to go around.


  1. You da Manny10:19 AM

    Since the Red Sox did not lose game 6, Manny may not be a bona fide idiot.

    While not a fact personally known to me, its has been said that Manny takes more batting practice and fungos in the outfield (the play off the wall - throw that nailed Lofton in the 5th inning of game 7 is a something he constantly practices, allegedly) than anyone on the team. One take on his comment that got everyone's nickers in a twist may be that he puts the preparation time in, and talking to a bunch of white guys with pens ask the same question five different ways is a waste of time, so he gives them what they want and then goes out and tries to execute. Which is pretty admirable.

    You never hear his teammates take a swipe at him. Its always angry ex athletes who harken back to a not so driven past when they themselves were hustlers and did everything right, got everything out of what talent they had. When it came time to execute, though . . .

    Taking extra BP, taking fielding seriously and preparing is having focus, and beats the shit out of running into a wall and *showing* heart. And the rest is a lot of fun, its not a freaking act. Remember, the press hated The Splinter, too. He, too, had confidence in his game and was gonna go with it.

    I applaud your choice of costume. And the twist on the trope, "Being Manny".

  2. Don't Worry, Be Happy.


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