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Friday, July 27, 2007

Time Crunch

August is coming quickly. Mike is due back from DC a week from today.
I had hoped to have made a dent in the deck and basement tile projects by the time he came back. The deck cap has a chance to be finished, but it looks like I have to hit the road from Tues to Fri. next week, driving up the Maine coast all the way to the Nova Scotia border to survey Coast Guard tower sites.
That tightens up the deck cap schedule.

Saturday Morning
  • Jigsaw Cut curves in mahogany cap.
  • Epoxy glue oak bottom backing to mahogany top.
  • Go Fishing while epoxy cures
Saturday Afternoon
  • Fair Edges and top with belt sander
  • Rout channel for oak accent strip
  • Cut and epoxy accent Strip
  • 1st Coat Epoxy coating
Sunday Morning
  • 2nd Coat Epoxy
Monday Morning
  • 1st Coat Marine Varnish
Tuesday Morning
  • 2nd Coat Marine Varnish
  • Leave for Maine
3rd Coat Marine Varnish when I return at the end of the week

That's the best I can do.

I still have to fabricate the deck stair railing.

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