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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Off Schedule

The West System Epoxy Resin at West Marine, Marblehead, was $94 per gallon, but they didn't have any West 207 Clear Coating Hardener, so I went to Nautical Traders on Bridge Street in Salem to see if they had any.
Glad I did.
The resin at Nautical Traders was $74 a gallon and the harderer was 10% cheaper too. But they didn't have the 207 clear. The nice lady there said that she would order it and it would be in by Tuesday, which I agreed to, but I won't be back in town until Saturday, so she said she would put it aside.
From now on, I'm a Nautical Traders customer for all of my epoxy needs.
I'll get everything done on the cap so that the finishing can start next weekend. So the schedule is off.

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  1. Ray Mancini1:46 PM

    I see Dark & Stormies in your future. Idle hands are the devil's workshop - so grab a tumbler and fill 'er up.

    Q4 approaches. When the little guy has a knockout puncher's chance as well.

    Ondole, El Jeffe!


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