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Sunday, July 22, 2007

J Boat

I keep telling my friends that when Nanepashemet Telecom starts to hit stride, then I don't want money to change me. They think I'm joking, but I'm really serious.
The advantage that I have is that I made a lot of money in my thirties with the attendant cars, boats and high end homes. I also attracted quite a few phonies who hung around me as "friends".
When the real estate bubble of the eighties burst, and we took the financial hits, only a few friends remained. They remain today as my most trusted confidants. It took a disaster to discover them. But now I can spot the phonies a mile away - those pretentious, polite gold diggers who only care about what you can get for them. They wear their disguises well, and can be very convincing, but they don't stand a chance with me as we experience our long awaited financial resurgence.
I see them around others on the upswing, and I know what the surrounding phonies look like. You want to warn people, but everyone has to experience their own pitfalls I guess.
I believe that mine made me a better person in the long run, even though you wish others wouldn't have to go through the same pain.
While my kids were in college, I went the conservative corporate route and didn't take the kind of entrepreneurial chances that can lead to big scores. But now they are out on their own, doing well financially, and it's time for this J Boat to set sail again. There will be no phony crew members, and this boat will steer clear of the rocks because I've already been through these waters.

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  1. The Rev4:09 PM

    There is but one path your might tread, friend, by which this money, or mamon as they refer to it in Leviticus, will not change you for the worse. I'm not mincing words here, feller. Pick up your phone and dial the number at the bottom of the screen, 1-800-Bagl-Boy. Casting Satan from your life is some heavy lifting, but your days of stump training mules will be over and done with, and your eternal reward secure, like money in the 1st Bank of Tallahachee, when you pick up that phone and make that pledge.

    And not just some of it. You'll be sweatin' like a whore in church if you hold back on me, I mean this. The fires of eternal damnation will be alickin' at yer heals, and there are not enough Dark and Stormies to quench the thirst you will know. Unslaked, you will be. Eternal boof duty.

    But there is a solution. And the Almighty has put me, The Reverend T. James "Lil' Heavy" Rottenbreath, to help you with the liftin'. Let's unburden that wallet, take the step with me friend. You'll be glad you did.

    Credit cards accepted.


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