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Friday, July 20, 2007


Just to let you know that I am not afraid of anything, I'm going to reveal the following fact.
I'm a big fan of Martha Stewart.
I don't watch her show or anything, but I admire her determination and steadfastness. She took a stint in prison, got out, dusted herself off, and resumed her career with a lot of class. She is a model of how to handle the setbacks in life.

Give me you best shot.
Attack my manhood.
You gutless wonders.

I think I just wrote a haiku!


  1. Mos Def11:29 AM

    True that, G Money. Miss Martha is nobody's foo, and she did not cause a mockery of herself when the troubles hit her like dey hit mos of us. She dealt. No questioned axed.

    Her turkey croquettes are the shiznit, I might add.


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