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Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

With the three major balls firmly in in air, I covered a sales meeting at the Hotel, then started the Memorial Day weekend. Mark Ryan called to say that launching the WhaleEye is doubtful, but I still have hope. I bought the first motor from him when he got the Honda dealership and had to remind him that I'm his best customer.
It doesn't matter.
Boat mechanics in Marblehead have you at their mercy. It will happen when it happens, and there's nothing you can do about it. Every year it's the same. They say anything to you, but you get it when you get it. Someday, I want a job like that.
So I took it out on the Tender. I fiberglassed the lead on the rudder, and mortised the brass hardware into the oarloacks. Also epoxy glued the centerboard case into the keel. The Tender is now water tight.
Kate is in Marblehead, and we're waiting for Mike to come in from DC. It's going to be a great weekend.

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